Hello! I’m Md Rafiqul Islam, but you can call me Rafi. I’m not just your average tech enthusiast – I’m a versatile professional with a knack for turning ideas into digital reality.

What I Do:

  • Android App Developer: Crafting apps that are not just functional but delightful to use.
  • Web Developer: Building the web, one pixel at a time.
  • SEO Specialist: Helping businesses shine in the vast online landscape.
  • Blogger & Author: Sharing tech insights and experiences on spynium.com and techflyr.com.
  • Entrepreneur: Founder of Meghpy, your go-to digital shop.

Background: I hail from Feni but call Cumilla my hometown. Born on September 26, 2000, I’m the eldest in a family of three brothers. My academic journey includes SSC from Feni Govt. Pilot High School and HSC from Ruposhi Bangla College, Cumilla. Currently, I’m continuing my studies at Nawab Fayjunnesa Govt. College.

Beyond Tech: While I thrive in the digital realm, I’m not just about coding. I’m a passionate traveler, finding joy in exploring new places. Football is my game, and the color green is my vibe. I cherish the serenity of the sea more than the towering mountains.

Get to Know Me Online: Visit my official facebook profile for a deeper dive into my projects and passions.

Let’s Connect: I’m not just about tech; I’m about connections. Let’s explore the digital world together!